“I turned 53 and I thought it was about time I got myself doing some regular exercise again. It was time to get a firm grip on my lifestyle. The Program is a very important part of my life. It gives me a tremendous sense of well-being.”
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About Bob

Bob has over 40 years experience as owner/operator of five star Health Clubs, Health Retreats and Personal Fitness Adviser to Leaders in Entertainment, Industry and the Professions worldwide.

Bob Pike is known as a visionary, straight talking no nonsense individual with a quick wit and sense of humor, who has a genuine passionate interest in helping people achieve a lifetime of health and fitness.”The foundation of which must be established at home and in our schools” says Bob.

At 64 Bob maintains the optimum of Health and Fitness. He is still a perfect example of what his program and attitude to a healthy lifestyle can and will continue to deliver for you over time.

Bob lives by the philosophy: Free your heart from hatred – Free your mind from worries – Live simply – Give more – Expect less – Your health is everything.

Bob and Susan were married for 26 years, now divorced and have 4 children, Joshua, Julius, Matthew and Jasmine. They can call Hong Kong, Australia, Lebanon and England home having spent many years living in each country sharing their experience in Health and Fitness. Held as an elitist in his chosen field, Bob can lay claim to experiencing just about every aspect the Health, Beauty and Fitness industry has to offer. Bob’s outstanding and unique career spanning some 40 years has been widely documented by the media in Australasia.

Bob and Susan, although Divorced still share a great amount of time with their children, maintaining a high degree of respect and compassion for each other. A fine example of their character.

Referred to by his clients and the media alike as Mr. Fitness, Guru and an Expert, Bob’s vision, vast knowledge and front line experience has placed him at the age of 64 at a level many in his industry could only dream of reaching. In 1966 while still attending high school, Bob was instrumental in supplying fitness equipment for a training facility for all the school’s athletes, of which, he was one of the best. Highly regarded as an excellent all-round sportsman, back then he accredits to his TOTAL FITNESS concept training, Bob was working with private client groups formulating Aerobic exercise routines before the industry had given it a name.

Bob worked in 1970 as Head Instructor in a leading health club in Sydney assisting in establishing physical assessment routines, structuring and follow-up monitoring of every members exercise program well before any formal accredited programs existed for the fitness industry in Australasia.

Taking up the position of General Manager in 1972 at a health farm in the Blue Mountains, West of Sydney Bob, developed and promoted the facility. It became recognized as one of the most popular health retreats in Australia. After two years at the health farm, Bob relocated to Brisbane in the mid 70′s where he developed a Corporate Fitness facility in a Ford Dealership catering to top executives.

Returning to Sydney in 1977, Bob opened his own health club called Bob’s Body Shop. This was the beginning of the Aerobic Class era. Bob was one of the first to introduce and develop Aerobic Classes to the public. He was one of the first to introduce Hand Weights in classes and Step Aerobics in his club some time before the fitness industry packaged them to the general public. His aerobic classes attracted up to 200 members a session. Bob personally designed and manufactured all the machines, equipment and free weights in his club.

Many leading athletes were trained by Bob, including cyclist Kevin Nichols, dual Commonwealth and Olympic gold medalist. Bob was the major sponsor and trainer for the Bankstown Bruins, one of Sydney’s leading NBA basketball teams headed by Olympic Basketball player Robbie Cadie, and many other local sports stars.

In 1981 Bob sold his club and moved to Hong Kong where he single handily rehashed the fitness industry. Bob introduced Aerobic Classes on a massive scale to the Hong Kong public and was head consultant for many leading exclusive Ladies and Men’s Health Clubs.

In Hong Kong’s busiest shopping centre called The Landmark, Bob teamed up with his close friend Ms June Daly-Watkins, a leading Australian identity for Model, Beauty and Deportment Schools. Together they held a fashion and Aerobics show, attracting thousands of lunch time shoppers almost bringing the Hong Kong’s central business district to a standstill.

A highly motivated enthusiast who infects others with his boundless energy and drive, Bob became the leading celebrity in personal fitness in Hong Kong, and was constantly in the media. With offers coming at him from all directions, Bob took up the position as General Manager for a leading leisure company, which was owned by Susan’s parents called, Sportworld.

Bob and Susan, a Commonwealth Games swimmer and just back from the USA with a degree in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania, managed Sportworld together and its 130 employees, developing its recreational and sport facilities. They improved the Tennis, Swimming and Roller-skating programs and was instrumental in starting an Amateur Roller Hockey League between Macau, Hong Kong, Japan and China during the mid 80′s.

In addition, Bob wrote weekly children’s Health and Fitness supplements for the Hong Kong Standard newspaper. He was regularly featured in many of the leading English and Chinese newspapers, magazines and became a regular guest on Hong Kong’s leading talk back radio program the BBC. Bob was regularly featured in the South China Morning Post spanning almost 14 years. Susan, a highly accomplished business woman in her own right was also Managing Director of their professional beauty products trading company, the leader in Hong Kong.

The demand was so intense for Bob’s knowledge and expertise in Health and Fitness that he would maintain close ties as a consultant to Sportworld and in 1987 started his own Personal Training business called Designer Fitness by Bob Pike. Over the next six years Bob built an exclusive reputation and had an impressive list of clients, including the Billionaires and Tai Pans of Hong Kong, as well as regular visiting VIP’s such as Anna and Rupert Murdoch.

Simultaneously, Bob teamed up with a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Dietician and a Clinical Psychologist and started another company called Corporate Fitness. Together they would work with many of Hong Kong’s leading corporate executives. As a result of Bob’s years of experience in charting physical assessment progress and writing exercise programs for thousands of clients, he compiled all that data and developed a four stage, 30 minute based exercise program.

In 1994 Bob launched his HOME FITNESS PROGRAM, in the form of a book and 2 audio tapes called “Designer Fitness by Bob Pike”. The launch was a great success and allowed Bob time to focus on another idea – a health retreat.

By 1996 Bob was well established as Hong Kong and Australasian leading fitness identity. Bob and Susan decided to take a much need break from their hectic lifestyles and moved to Sydney where they bought 5 acres in a prime Sydney suburb called Dural. With his reputation now reaching back to his home town, Bob was once again in demand by the media with features in the Sunday Telegraph, The Sydney Herald, Channel 10′s Sports Tonight, NBN Newcastle Today Show and Alan Jones talk back radio program, Vogue and many other leading media outlets.

With the planning and building well under way of their Retreat which they called, Tranquel Private Retreat, Bob was approached by the management of Sydney’s leading five star hotel -The ANA Hotel – to operate their Health Club. As a result Designer Fitness at the ANA Hotel became one of the most respected and successful executive Health Clubs in Australia.

Tranquel Private Retreat was just completed when Bob was approached by the Inter-Continental Hotel group asking whether he would be interested in establishing a Health Club at their five star Resort in Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia. He then established Designer Fitness at the Inter-Continental Cable Beach Resort.

Owning and operating Tranquel Private Retreat, two successful Five Star Health Clubs, the launch of his Home Fitness Program, 120 staff, property investments and a new addition to his family, as Susan had just given birth to a baby girl, Jasmine, the similarity between the hectic lifestyle in Hong Kong and now the one they had created in Sydney were starting to look all too familiar.

After much heartfelt deliberation, Bob now 47 and Susan knew it was time to focus on their relationship and their young family. At the end of 1999 they retired, leased their Health Retreat, sold the Health Clubs back to the Hotels and moved their family to the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise in sunny Queensland. Bob continued with his Home Fitness Program under a fresh identity on a new website called www.pikesfitness.com and focused his entire attention on their four children’s personal development.

The boys would spend two years in a private boys school called The Southport School (TSS) where Joshua was elevated into their Gifted and Talented Program, excelling in academics, music and sport receiving high achievement and winning many awards in all three disciplines. The twin boys, Julius and Matthew were making their own mark in the Prep School as Gifted Athletes and Musicians, particularly Soccer in and out of school. Jasmine was just commencing Pre School.

Through Joshua’s achievements in rowing, soccer and athletics, Bob was invited to take on the roll of Fitness Adviser working alongside the school Coaches. Bob piloted his Fitness Program in the Prep School and the results the kids achieved amazed the teachers and their parents.

The Pike boys would regularly workout with Mum or Dad learning Bob’s Program like professionals. Jasmine although only two would also join the fun at her own pace.

The Marriot Hotel and the Royal Pines Resort in Surfers Paradise regularly consulted Bob in the operation and management of their Health Clubs.

Over the next 10 years their children started to show signs they were a “chip of the old block” just like mum and dad. Susan and Bob moved their children so they could be together into another leading private school called Somerset College. The boys and young Jasmine individually excelled in academics, sport and music. Not wanting the children to lose their Chinese culture Susan arranged weekly Mandarin lessons for them as Susan spoke three Chinese dialects, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese, also German, French, English along with a touch of Arabic.

Bob’s staying power is a testament to his determination and passion for the industry he so dearly enjoys being part of. All his ventures are still in existence to this day. He is known as a real visionary in Health and Fitness. Susan and Bobs combined dedication, contribution and love for their children in offering and providing as much opportunity for them as possible finally started to show signs of success.

Julius and Matthews football talent was starting to be recognized by local clubs, State representative selectors and overseas talents scouts. Both boys were in the media as being the youngest football players at 14 to play in the senior men’s division premier league in Queensland. Their entire training schedule revolved around their Dad’s Home Fitness Program.

In 2005 one of their twin boys Matthew was scouted and offered a fulltime Youth Scholarship as a Professional Football player in England with West Bromwich Albion FC. In the 2007/8 session West Bromwich Albion FC won the Championship League and was promoted back to the English Premier League. Matthew is currently playing with the club and is considered one of their top Youth Players. Matthew is also a highly talented musician.

Joshua was in American University of Beirut (AUB) in 2006 starting a Bio Science degree, when a war broke out and was rushed to Damascus in Syria with his brother Julius to be flown to London. Joshua is currently in his final year in University of Birmingham and back playing his many instruments in Jazz Clubs.

Julius, a talented football player and athlete in his own right returned to Lebanon in 2006 at the end of the war to finish his high school IB diploma and in 2008 he joined his brothers in Birmingham England to start University. Also a gifted musician, Julius speaks Arabic, French, English and Mandarin which will be of great help in his pursuit of a degree in International Business. Young 10 year old Jasmine remained in Lebanon studying Arabic, French and is accrediting herself as a talented academic, sportswomen and musician.

The entire family is currently living in Birmingham, England where Bob and Susan are promoting the versatility of his Home Fitness Program to the public while focusing on School Fitness and Sports Fitness for children and athletes.

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