“I turned 53 and I thought it was about time I got myself doing some regular exercise again. It was time to get a firm grip on my lifestyle. The Program is a very important part of my life. It gives me a tremendous sense of well-being.”
Mike Sanders - Businessman

Outdoor Fitness

BE YOUR OWN PERSONAL TRAINER. Bob’s Program shows you how. Step by step, simple and easy.

Any Stage of Bobs Program can be done easily and conveniently outdoors. There are many ways in which any exercise sequence in any of the 4 Stages in Bob’s Program can be combined with Aerobic activities like, walking, cycling, skipping, swimming or jogging. If you must jog make sure you are already a seasoned runner in good physical condition when you begin.

Don’t jog to get fit or lose weight, power walking at a sustained pace actually burns more calories, with much less impact on your heart and muscular skeletal system.

You simply substitute all aerobic segments in the workout with one or another of the outdoor aerobic activities highlighted.

Bob says, “I have truly enjoyed some fantastic experiences and results with my clients over the years putting them through each Stage of my Program, in the pool, on the beach or in a park.”

“Cycling with my clients and doing a Stage of my workout at different intervals and locations has been fantastically rewarding. This is my favorite outdoor fitness activity and a great social outlet for me and many of my family, clients and friends,” says Bob.

Swimming workouts have been very productive following the formula in Bob’s Program where his clients needed to lose a greater degree of body fat. Using the water for buoyancy takes a great deal of stress off your body, yet still allows you to swim (aerobic) at your own pace and combine the resistances exercises within the Program in the water.

The combination of aerobic and resistance exercises in Bob’s Program using a watch to time aerobic intervals and counting repetitions of each exercise make for a very enjoyable, productive outdoor workout. The exercise sequences are very easy to commit to memory.

With regularity and repetition you will just program your memory without even thinking or needing the book for reference.

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