“I turned 53 and I thought it was about time I got myself doing some regular exercise again. It was time to get a firm grip on my lifestyle. The Program is a very important part of my life. It gives me a tremendous sense of well-being.”
Mike Sanders - Businessman

School Fitness

WHY aren’t our children in great physical shape, allowing them to perform at their very best or empowered with knowledge that will last all their lives. Yes, it does start at home but schools have the opportunity and resources that many mums and dads don’t have to take control of the problem and institute a program that will benefit every child. To many children are being injured by Sport and Cross Sport activities through poor advice and very poor General Fitness Conditioning.

“You don’t play sport to get fit, you get fit to play sport”

The Problem

SCHOOLS have to deal with serious over weight, out of condition children’s health issues, attributing to a magnitude of learning, discipline and health related problems costing time, quality of life and billions of Dollars.

SCHOOLS already have access to a wide range of FITNESS ASSESSMENT monitoring programs, many already in place.

SCHOOLS have the people with specific qualifications and resources to oversee any fitness related monitoring and application regime, but don’t have the vital practical exercise formula experience.

SCHOOLS having children perform a variety of “sports specific activity” as a means of “getting fit” just doesn’t work. In fact it can do more harm than good to a child’s self esteem, self confidence, co-operation, motivation and can lead to permanent physical injury.

SCHOOLS have the facilities in place and so much of our children’s captive time and energy right up to their late teens.

Based on many years of experience and exposure to the general public, particularly children worldwide, Bob firmly believes that the foundation for LIFETIME knowledge, practice, habits and attitudes must come from within the family home and at school. The Children educate the Parents flow on effect.

Bob has 45 years practical experience in formulating, assessing, monitoring, knowledge and application of Exercise Routines for all age groups, genders and purposes.

Bobs exercise formula is designed for GENERAL FITNESS specifically targeting body fat reduction, strength, stamina, suppleness, muscle toning and a feeling of all over energy and vitality. Within a very short period of time all participants will experience noticeable changes in their timing, balance and co-ordination, whatever your age, ability or current physical condition. Sport based activity is no substitute for Total Fitness based activity. They produce very different results.

Bob will personally introduce the SCHOOL FITNESS PROGRAM into your school for $1 for every child per semester in your school without any disturbance to your schools normal routine.

You will be surprised how quick and easy SCHOOL FITNESS can be implemented by an EXPERT.

FIND OUT HOW QUICK AND EASY EVERY CHILD IN YOUR SCHOOL CAN BENEFIT FROM BOB’S SCHOOL FITNESS PROGRAM. Each school in the Program retain 50% of revenue from the Program funded by Parents at $4 annually

If you wish to receive a FREE PROPOSAL with no obligation of  Bob’s SCHOOL FITNESS PROGRAM please fill in your details below. All enquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

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