“I turned 53 and I thought it was about time I got myself doing some regular exercise again. It was time to get a firm grip on my lifestyle. The Program is a very important part of my life. It gives me a tremendous sense of well-being.”
Mike Sanders - Businessman

Sports Fitness

“You don’t play sport to get fit – you get fit to play sport”

The Pike children’s only form of fitness conditioning was their Dad’s Home Fitness Program from the age of 2 and all the children remained injury free while playing sport.

Matthew, now 18 is a professional youth soccer player in the English Premier League with West Bromwich Albion FC, based in Birmingham England.

The impact of Bob’s Program was so successful that all their children became well known champions setting records in several different sporting environments from the age of 8.

Twins Matthew and Julius’s football achievements were being acknowledged in Australia at the highest level, by the Media, as athletics champions, setting new records and being the youngest players in Queensland to play in the Senior Men’s Football Premier League at 14.

Joshua now 20, won many Championships in Athletics, Rowing and Football.

Rest and Recovery are crucial to Performance

Jasmine now 11, just like her brothers seemingly can play any sport she chooses and does so with discipline, great confidence and ability way beyond her years.

Bob remembers being asked to coach his son Joshua’s Under 9 soccer team when no one wanted a team of lads who hadn’t played before. All the good players were already picked in other squads.

Being an ex-rugby league player and knowing nothing about soccer but with one major advantage Bob was a very experience fitness coach and understood the priority of being fit while playing sport. He put his young inexperienced players on Stage 1 of his Program combined with basic ball skills twice a week and went on to win the U9 Premiership. All the other U9 teams in their club never made the finals.

Susan does Stage 4 regularly at home and recently was encouraged to run in three 5 km mini marathons in Beirut, Lebanon and won all three for her age group with no side effects and very quick recovery.

BE YOUR OWN CONDITIONING COACH. Bob’s Program shows you how. Step by step, simple and easy.

START NOW so you can play your sport, safely and at an enjoyable, competitive level.

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