“I turned 53 and I thought it was about time I got myself doing some regular exercise again. It was time to get a firm grip on my lifestyle. The Program is a very important part of my life. It gives me a tremendous sense of well-being.”
Mike Sanders - Businessman


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Privacy Policy

With PikesFitness.com, there’s no need for long, detailed privacy statements explaining every aspect of what we do with personal information. We never collect any without you opting in to give it to us, and we only use any information you submit to us for purposes of support, maintenance or where registration is required to interact with PikesFitness.com.

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Postage and Handling Policy

Your Program will be posted Domestically or Internationally by first class recorded signed for mail within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment. PikesFitness Ltd. will absorb the cost of postage and handling in your initial purchase price of the Program. Any changes in policy concerning postage and handling will be advertised on the ORDER NOW page in the website.

Pricing Changes

PikesFitness Limited directors, agents or the Program’s Author reserves the right to change the pricing structure at any time or with any aspect of the Program without any notification or by any advertising prior to any price increases. Any active transactions or written commitments at the time will be honoured prior to any increases. Price changes may be altered on this website and effective at the time of change advertised on the ORDER NOW page in the website.

Receiving and Return Policy

We regret that we also cannot accept any returns for the purchase of The Program or any of our Products where the item has been unsealed.

You MUST sign upon receiving your Program and only the original purchaser can return the Program. First, carefully open the POSTAL ENVELOP ONLY at the sealed end, do not place anything sharp into the envelop as this action may tear the security wrapping around the Program. Carefully slide out the Program and inspect the Program contents through the CLEAR SECURITY COVER. All seals and shrink wrapping must be intact. If you feel the Program is significantly not as described or incomplete, then you have 7 working days from the receiving date to return the full Program contents in its original sealed clear security cover complete, unopened and undamaged. The Program must be send back in its original protected packaging to the return address displayed on its original postal envelop by first class recorded signed mail within the 7 day period.

Due to the nature and ease of copying this Product, book, tapes and Cd’s a strict receiving and refund policy compliance will be enforced.

Failure to comply with this procedure or conditions within the specified time frame and you will forfeit any rights to a replacement or refund.

Refund Policy

When the Program is received in our warehouse undamaged, with no signs of tampering, and the seal in not broken around the Program, a refund of the entire purchase price will be credited to the account of the original purchaser, within the 7 day post receiving period, from which it was originally paid. In addition to your return postage. A set nominal handling fee will be deducted as part of any full refund transaction.

Please Note: If you return the Program to us using any other form of postage other than first class recorded signed post and in its padded original envelope and the reason for the return is not because of an error on our part and the item is not defective or been damaged or out of your 7 day return period, we will deduct the cost of return postage from the original purchases account and at your cost the Program will be sent back to the Person who originally purchased the Program.

By law, customers in the European Union also have the right to withdraw from the purchase of an item within seven working days of the day after the date the Program is delivered.

To cancel your purchase within the seven-working-day cooling-off period, please contact us by email Contact Bob within 48 hours upon receiving the Program of your intentions to do so prior to the Programs return.

Please note that you will be responsible for the costs of returning the items to us unless we delivered the item to you in error, or if the item is damaged or defective.


Any Age, Ability, Gender or Physical Condition – means in the context of the Program as mentioned in this website, that any person who purchases The Program for their own use or on behalf of another person of any age, ability, gender, or current physical condition acknowledges that the intended end user is in a healthy, capable, sound condition mentally, physically and emotionally, without any known medical conditions that would restrict their ability to participate at their full potential or put themselves at risk of injury before starting or participating in any regular unsupervised exercise regime.

Preventative Medicine and Safety First – are recommendations that the intended user of the Program must read and follow all safety recommendations in relation to prior participation in the Program, an unsupervised exercise regime. Refer to the bottom of The Program page in this website.

The Program – refers to the book, audio tapes and Cd’s mentioned in this website.

Be your own Personal Trainer – although the Author has made reference and suggestion on his website of the nature to encourage others who may or may not have any experience, knowledge or qualifications what so ever in teaching health, fitness and exercise techniques, it is only the intention of the Author to motivate others to become more health and fitness conscious and encourage others to do the same and apply common sense, reservation and restraint in what they say and do particularly when involving the elderly and children. The Author accepts no responsibility for any actions or the results of any actions taken by any individual professional or amateur to instruct or advise others on any exercise methods or techniques contained with the Program.

Please be advised that the Cd’s and Tapes that come with the Program are audio only and of no use on their own. They are only useful when used in conjunction with the illustrations contained in the Book as part of the Stages in the Program.

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