“I turned 53 and I thought it was about time I got myself doing some regular exercise again. It was time to get a firm grip on my lifestyle. The Program is a very important part of my life. It gives me a tremendous sense of well-being.”
Mike Sanders - Businessman


Anna & Rupert MurdochBillionaire Publisher
“Bob’s Program meets all the criteria for busy people – It is quick, it is effective and it is fun. I highly recommend it for anyone who travels as much as we do. A good combination of toning and aerobic workouts, all in only 30 minutes each day.”

Dr Carolyn MuirUniversity Lecturer
“When I first met Bob, I was out of shape and had never maintained an exercise regime. Now, after following Bob’s Program, I am truly fit for the first time in my life and have even taken up tennis! An extra benefit has been the effect on my family. Both my husband and I follow the Program, and our children see that exercise is important to us, and started to join in. Fitness is now a part of my family’s
way of life.”

Kim SuttonHomecarer
“You don’t need to tell me anything about your fitness programme that I don’t already know. “I did Bob” after my third child in 1997. I was 23 kg overweight and “I did Bob” 5 days a week for 23 weeks and reached my goal weight of 60kls. We all have fond memories of mum doing Bob every morning! I lent my tapes and book to an associate and haven’t been able to get them back. So, I have once again reached a point in my life where I need Bob and my daughter suggested trying to find your programme on the net…and there you were!”

Dr Mike FlemingPhysician
“He knows what he is doing. As a personality, he is a motivator. He is realistic.”

Colete RobertsPhysiotherapist
“Bob has an international reputation for excellence in his field. My Husband and I have been doing the program for some time and it has had a wonderful effect
on us both.”

Nancy WongJournalist
“It works if you work at it!”

Kai Yin LoJewelry Designer
“I am used to exercising on my own, but I don’t really have the discipline. So with Bob coming over; there is some helpful supervision. I have a bad back, so the Program has been designed to strengthen my back and to avoid really
strenuous exercise.”

Mike SandersManagement Consultant
“I turned 53 and I thought it was about time I got myself doing some regular exercise again. It was time to get a firm grip on my lifestyle. The Program is a very important part of my life now. It gives me tremendous sense of well-being.”

Peter WhiteLawyer
“I was not as fit as I used to be, I had a spate of minor illness, I was putting on too much weight – so I decided to do something about it. I wanted to be in a good general state of fitness so as to be able to enjoy a young family and to be sufficiently athletic to participate in physical activities. I also wanted to be fit enough to resist the pressures of life and stress. I didn’t want to find I had aged prematurely because I was sitting around for the last five years. I am quite amazed at the results. My mental attitude has improved. I have become more robust, and feel better able to cope with the pressures of living in Hong Kong. I truly believe that physical fitness and coping with stress go hand in hand.”

Robert ShamisBusinessman
“What I like about Bobs Program is the flexibility: I can do it at home, in the health club, or while I’m traveling. It also makes you very aware that you get out of something what you put into it.”

Anne ForrestCorporate Affairs Consultant
“I began the program after a bout with typhus, With Bob’s encouragement; I gradually regained my stamina and, in the process, began to get fit. I love the Program. In the past, whenever I had decided to get fit, I always had an excuse for not getting to the gym, work, family, the weather. With Bob’s regimen, I have no excuse. I can get up in the morning, work out for 30 minutes and get ready for work without the hassle of packing a bag and traveling to a gym. The payoff really came when I sprained my ankle and injured my shoulder rather severely. Even though I could not work out for months, as soon as I could start, my muscles went right back onto the routine. It was like slipping into a comfortable, old shoe.”

Norma BakkeTravel Agent
“I lost 30 pounds and around six inches in six months with a combination of the Program and a more careful diet. I think Bobs approach is perfect. He is very personable and understanding. I think he is about the best personal fitness adviser I’ve ever come across.”

Alison HenryInterior Designer
“I didn’t expect to get results as quickly as I did. And once you start, it is hard to stop. Bob is always so enthusiastic, he is very interested in you as an individual, in what areas you want to improve, and what you want to get out of it.”

Danny & Saide SarkissianFriends Of The Pikes
“We attended Bob’s Aerobic classes back in Sydney before moving to Lebanon. When Bob released his Fitness Program in Hong Kong in 1994 we started it straight away. It has to be the best workout anyone could do and we continue to do it to this day. I’ve tried so many different classes and the usual hours on gym equipment and nothing has given me greater results, the compliments I get on my figure certainly prove it, than the Stages in Bob’s Program, says Saide. Danny and I do Stage 4 at home and my girl friends and I have taken over the Aerobic floor in our Country Club doing Bob’s Program and we love it.”

Dirk RosseyHuman Resourses Manager
“I met Bob at a training course and I was very impressed with his physique. I wanted to look like that when I was over 40. When I started the Program, I really firmed up. I lost all my flab, and my energy level went up. Hong Kong gives you a constant feeling of pressure. I now feel much clearer in my head.”

Simon JacksonInterior Designer
“A friend said Bob would be good for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of time and, of course, his Program is something you can do at home, I am not overweight, but I want to keep trim, keep in shape. Since I started the Program, everything is firmer! My skin is better, and overall I just feel a lot stronger. If you are a busy person with a demanding and stressful job, I think you have to have some sort of exercise routine to release some of that stress.”

Andre QuelleteHairdresser
“The Program has changed my life. It has made me much more energetic, much fitter, and generally much healthier. And then there’s the strength factor: I feel almost like superman – when I do the Program properly!”

Shirley DirkinDirector Of Public Relations
“I tend to eat carefully. I was looking after myself inside; I wanted to look after the outside. I first signed up because of the need to do something for me. When you are stressed and working hard in a place like Hong Kong, you need to find things that are just yours. I am not one of those people who are disciplined about exercise, but I find it very hard telling myself I don’t have half an hour free at home. That’s why I like the Program; I can do it whenever it suits my schedule. It is very convenient and it is very effective if you do it consistently. Bob has taken the difficulty out of exercising all you have to worry about is doing it. I really look forward
to exercising now.”

Andy NeilsonArtist
“I was a marine, so I know what it is like to be extremely fit. It took me ten years to lose my level of fitness and at 45, I never expected that I could get it back in ten weeks! I combined indoor and outdoor workouts. While I jogged Bob cycled as I progressed through each Stage and the results have been overwhelming.”